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Karibu! Birding Safaris in Kenya

Having a passion for birding? Kenya is famous for its beautiful and richest avifaunas in Africa and hosts around 1150 species of birds throughout the whole year within the country. You can easily spend your whole safari spotting and finding these beautiful birds with our knowledgeable guides. Your safari can be tailored to your wishes and during your birding safari you won’t miss out the bigger animals as the different birds species are found in Kenya’s famous national parks and reserves.

Interested in only one or two day birding safari and combine your safari with other adventurous activities or combine it with a hike, hot air balloon or a local experience. Fika Safaris will create your unique safari within Kenya meeting your wishes and dreams.

If you have a passion or wish to see certain species of birds, for instance sun birds, weaver birds or plovers, we will look closely together which areas and locations are interesting for you to visit,to capture unique photographs and bring them home as a memory!

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