[ Exploring Kenya! ]

Planning a trip to Kenya and thinking about a new experience or off the beaten track activities? Fika Safaris loves to hear your thoughts and ideas to create your dream program within in Kenya or in combination with Tanzania! You might have heard some great ideas from friends who already visited Kenya or maybe a documentary triggered you? Together we look into the possibilities and create a unique program and to make it more unique we work closely with the local community to make you dreams come true!

Birding in Kenya

Having a passion for birding? Kenya is famous for its beautiful and richest avifaunas in Africa and hosts around 1150 species of birds throughout the whole year within the country.

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Hiking is hot nowadays and hiking in Kenya sounds even better, isn't it?Hiking safaris could be done in one day but if you like it to be a multiple day hiking safari it is also possible.

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Walking with the Masai

Indulge yourself in the rich and traditional culture of the Masai. Together with the Masai you will learn all the ins and outs about their culture, their history and their way of living in this century.

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Hot Air Balloon

Seeing the Masai Mara from above is magical! A once in a lifetime experience.In the early morning hours you will enjoy the beautiful sunrise from inside the balloon high in the sky.

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Mountain Climbing

We should not forget that Kenya has a beautiful, challenging and famous mountain to climb. With its 5199 meter Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain of Africa and a true experience!

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Local Experience

Always wanting to meet the people of Kenya and get to know their culture, tradition and way of life? Fika safaris would like to make this experience possible. 

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