[ Unique Experiences ]

Meru National Park (Kenya)

Unique features:
* Classic safari experience
* 4 of the Big 5 present
* Rhino in fenced sanctuary
* Home to a diverse array of wildlife
* Visit the grave of Elsa the Lion

Best time to visit:
* Great all year round destination
* Late June to October (cool dry season) best for wildlife viewing
* Late December to March (warm dry season) best for wildlife viewing
* November to early December best for birdwatching (and during long rains)
* Heaviest rainfall in April and May

Accommodation Meru Nat. Park: 
Wide variety of accommodation options available for all budgets (in the surrounding areas), including safari lodges, tented camps, private houses and campsites.

Recommended number of days:
Because of the relatively small park size, we feel a (full) ONE day safari is suitable for just the Meru National Park.
If you are interested in photography, the longer you stay the more chance of getting the ultimate photo.

Fika Safaris travel suggestion:
We would suggest to add on a few more days to see more of Kenya.
Meru Nat. Park works well when combined with Masai Mara or the Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba.
Or finish your holiday relaxing on an exotic beach with water activities along the Kenyan coast.

Meru Nat. Park for people with disabilities

Information on accessibility levels at safari lodges, tented camps and private houses for people with limited mobility (i.e. wheelchair users, slow-walkers, mature travelers and other special need travellers):
* Only a small number of safari lodges and tented camps are suitable for ‘disabled’ travellers
* Limited facilities for the handicapped and physically challenged
* Wheelchair friendly adapted rooms and safari tents
* Read more about Accessible Accommodation.