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Tailor made safaris for everyone!

Whether you are ‘able-bodied’, have mobility limitations, require specific care and/or aid equipment or simply want the best advice, we are here to help to make it possible to remove obstacles and to give access to your dream safari tailored according to your needs.

Our private, tailor made safari services are sure to be exciting for:
* single travelers
* couples or honeymooners
* families or friends
* (small) groups

We understand that a holiday must be an unforgettable, but also relaxing, experience for everyone traveling. Tailor made means, together with you, we design unique safari experiences that are extraordinary and personal. Based on your interests, time and budget we figure out how to meet your specific requirements.



Specializing in Accessible and Disability Travel

If there are travel members that have special needs, we still strive to meet the interests and expectations of all travelers. Our primary focus is on those that have limited mobility difficulties (e.g. ‘disabled’) and require special services not offered by the mainstream safari operators. All our safaris are designed to meet travelers’ specific (special) needs and personal interests (i.e. special travel programs, accessible accommodation, adapted vehicles, extra care, aid equipment, et cetera).

We believe that a certain disability should not stop you from making travel plans to Africa. Our safari concept has been created whereby we help you to remove the obstacles, so everyone can enjoy a hassle-free holiday!

We pride ourselves being able to arrange travel plans for the following traveler groups:

Safaris for wheelchair users 

When you (or more people in your travel party) are wheelchair bounded it is essential that transport, accommodation and activities matches your special requirements. Our extensive knowledge of the area combined with our expertise on being the special in accessible travel in the region, makes us able to facilitate the best suitable safaris for everyone; no matter what level of mobility!

Safaris for senior travelers 

Travel in ease, since we can facilitate to your needs. From an adventurous trip to an adapted travel program, mature and senior travelers (with or without limited mobility) will find what they need with us. The majority of our safaris are designed for those with physical limitations (our primary focus). And for seniors it is more likely to have ‘age related ailments’ that could affect mobility. However, you don’t have to stop traveling just because you’re getting older. We can help you choose a safari program that suits you.

Safaris for slow walkers 

There are lots of different types of camps, hotels and lodges throughout Tanzania and Kenya to choose from, only a number of them we would consider be ideal for the slow walkers and wobbly walkers. We understand that, as a slow walker who need to cope with(out) a stick, you prefer to avoid stairs or steep inclines. Let us help you to find these right places for you, so you can enjoy a holiday without ‘hurdles along the way’.

Safaris for the visually impaired

We currently look into the possibilities to offer safari possibilties that are especially designed for blind people and those who are visually impaired. Please get in contact with us, if you wish to know more about this.

Our Safari Styles

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Classic & Luxury Safaris

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Wellness & Wilderness 

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Honeymoon Safaris 

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Kids On Safari 

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