[ Limited Mobility, Endless Possibilities ]

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Mobility Equipment

Unfortunately Africa has a lack of much-needed mobility equipment and aids in place for those with limited mobility. It can occur we may encounter some accessibility issues at the places we visit on the way.

However, we are here to take care of your needs and where needed to remove/avoid the obstacles. Doing so by providing our own mobility equipment to use at the places we stop or overnight. We can offer wheelchairs, commode chairs (in height adjustable), shower stools (foldable) and more. Also we can arrange other products, such as a beach buggy (for beach holidays), a wheelchair raincoat or extra strap belts (if you need extra support when seated in a vehicle seat or in a wheelchair).

Please inform us during the booking process of the required mobility equipment and we will arrange for your equipment to be there when you need it.

Alternatively, depending on your special needs, different levels of travel support and assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) can be arranged. Go to our Assisted Travel Support / ADLs Assistance page for more information,

A key point when booking is to pre-notify us of your needs in order to get the assistance you need on your journey. Pre-notification info includes details of any mobility problem or potential equipment you may wish to take, and whether you travel with a companion or you need assistance on the journey.