[ Specialized Services ]

Safari guide/driver

On each safari into Kenya and/or Tanzania you will be accompanied by a professional safari guide/driver. Many times your guide is born and raised in the country you are traveling around. This gives you a lot of information about the culture and customs of the country.

The greatest care is taken in selecting responsible, qualified people who are capable of providing a cheerful, caring and attentive service to our customers. Due to our carefully selected partner network we only work with the most experienced guides/drivers who all have an in-depth knowledge of routes, conditions, local attractions and practical mechanics.

Travelers with special needs (i.e. physical challenges or disabilities) need to be aware your safari guide/driver can only provide assistance when it comes to (vehicle) accessibility issues whilst ‘on the way’. For example, assistance for getting in and out of the vehicle.

If additional assistance is required for other Activities of Daily Living (ADL), and another travel member cannot provide this for you either, we may advise you to pre-book Assisted Travel Support / ADLs Assistance services. All this to ensure quality customer service and making sure you are in good hands (all the time)! Examples in which your guide/driver cannot provide assistance are: more than basic assistance for sanitary stops, visiting a local attraction, a restaurant or at your overnight accommodation.

That said, each Fika Safaris guide/driver has received an adequate training about the use of standard mobility equipment and has knowledge about the available resources – on/off-site.

A key point when booking is to pre-notify us of your needs in order to get the assistance you need on your journey. Pre-notification info includes details of any mobility problem or potential equipment you may wish to take, and whether you travel with a companion or you need assistance on the journey.