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Safaris by air

Another way of transport is to do safaris by air; meaning your main mode of transportation between the parks and places to visit is a light aircraft. For these so called ‘fly-in safaris’ we are also able to customize private charter flights, and design your own personalized fly-in safari.

Often airstrips in the wilderness areas are dirt, although some are tarred. They are typically located conveniently near the lodge or camp. A representative will meet you at the strip and transfer you (often by open safari vehicle) to the lodge or camp where you will enjoy game drives, night drives, walking safaris or boating activities. At the end of your stay you will return by light aircraft to the next safari lodge or camp or via a regional airport to the international airport for your flight home.

The pros and cons
A fly-in safari is the perfect way to explore remote and wild parts of Kenya and Tanzania. The main advantage of travelling by air is that you travel fast and don’t have to spend long days on dusty and bumpy roads. Also you will get great views of the countryside, often seeing game as you travel and a birds-eye view of the escarpments, parks and forests.

A disadvantage of flying is that you get to see little of the East African countryside, villages and rural life. And whilst at the lodge or camp, most of the game drives are shared with other guests (who needs to satisfy all people in the vehicle). Given the added weight of cost for fly-in safaris, we would recommend this type of safari only for people whose wish to save a lot of time, if time is precious or if there is no option but to fly to your lodge or camp.










Access to air travel
Safaris by air are offered by Fika Safaris, but we need to be really sure about your mobility options, since moving through the airport and boarding the aircraft can be challenging. The types of aircrafts vary from smaller Cessnas to Caravans, and are not equipped with special adaptations / facilities for (wheelchair) boarding. Passengers who are physically challanged need to either board the aircraft themselves or will have to carried to be seated. Once landed, the transfer in the open safari vehicle can cause the same issue, since these are owned and operated by the safari lodge or camp, who do usually not have the right features in place.