[ Giving You Access To A Dream Safari ]

Accessible Travel Specialists

We are the safari specialist for people with limited mobility. Our specialized safari services will give (easier) access for the physically challenged holidaymakers traveling to Kenya and Tanzania.

Our extensive knowledge of the area combined with our expertise on being the specialist in ‘disability travel’ in the region makes us able to facilitate the best suitable safaris for everyone!

Accessible Accommodation

There are many different styles of accommodation available whilst on safari. What we do is matching the accommodation with your expectations and specific needs. Read more

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Accessible Safari Vehicles

It is important to make sure that the transport will meet your assistance needs. Guests having disabilities should not worry, since we have different vehicle options available to meet your needs. Read more

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Accessible Sky Safari

Another way of transport is to do safaris by air. Not suitable for everyone, but in some circumstances an ideal solution to get to places. Read more

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Accessibility & Mobility Equipment

Despite our efforts we may encounter some accessibility issues at the places we visit on the way. Fika Safaris has its own selection of mobility equipment and care aids available that you may require for your safari. Read more

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Travel Support / ADLs Assistance

We are glad to be of help in case assistance needs to be arranged externally. Via our partner network we offer different services in terms of Assisted Travel Support and ADLs Assistance. Read more

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Fika Safaris Crew

The greatest care is taken in selecting responsible, qualified people who are capable of providing a cheerful, caring and attentive service to our customers. Read more

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Our knowledge of accessibility and extra support options will make sure you get the best suitable travel arrangements for a safari to Kenya and/or Tanzania.